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Dividing the Child: Social and Legal Dilemmas of Custody

by Eleanor E. Maccoby
Robert H. Mnookin
Harvard University Press; New Ed edition (August 19, 1998) 416 pages

Questions about how children fare in divided families have become as perplexing and urgent as they are common. In this landmark work on custody arrangements, the developmental psychologist and the legal scholar Robert Mnookin examine the social and legal realities of how divorcing parents make arrangements for their children.

“Maccoby and Mnookin have provided the first look at what the sweeping legal changes in custody arrangements since the 1970s mean for the daily lives of divorced parents and their children today. Authoratitive, rich in insight, it is report from the postdivorce front that everyone concerned about the future of the American family should read.” -- Andrew J. Cherlin, The Johns Hopkins University

“[A]n ambitious study that was successfully carried out… it will be useful to researchers in the field of divorce. Above else, it should be of interest to lawyers, judges, mediators and policymakers, and social workers.” -- Anne-Marie Ambert, Family Relations

“The issues raised in this study have major implications for the day-to-day lives of divorcing parents and for those concerned about the state of children after divorce.” -- Sharon McIrvin Abu-Laban, Canadian Journal of Sociology

“Adds significantly to current knowledge about the roles of law, culture, and psychology in shaping the economic and parenting systems in postdivorce families… Gives fascinating picture of divorce process and interplay between the formal legal and informal practical arrangements.” -- Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Contemporary Sociology

“An important book for those concerned with family policy… [that should] assist in refocusing divorce in process and the interplay between the legal and informal practical arrangements.” -- Alice Hearst, Law and Politics Book Review

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