Beyond Winning
     Barriers to Conflict Resolution
     Dividing the Child
     Negotiating on Behalf of Others
     In the Interest of Children
     Child, Family, and State


Child, Family, and State: Problems and Materials on Children and the Law

by Robert H. Mnookin
D. Kelly Weisberg
Aspen Publishers; 5th edition (December 2005)
898 pages

“Mnookin’s model of a triangular relationship between the state, the family, and the child… lays the foundation for the consideration of specific legal problems. The results are… novel and engaging.... Mnookin’s ability to pose clearly the dilemmas that arise as this society grants rights to its young is… [H]is questions and comments force the reader to evaluate the benefits of granting greater autonomy to children [and] think carefully… Child Family and State provides an excellent foundation for an understanding of children and the law.” -- Henry W. McGee, California Law Review

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