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Ethnic Conflict: Israelis and Palestinians

For the past three years Professor Mnookin, through the Negotiation Research Project, has carried out a variety of activities relating to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The central theme of this work has been that internal conflicts, among Israeli Jews on the one hand, and among Palestinians on the other, have been primaries barriers to progress with respect to this conflict.

PON is helping HNRP develop a pioneering initiative, called the Settlements Project, about the future of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. This project has commissioned research about the Israeli and international legal aspects of settlement relocation and is consulting with Israeli government bodies responsible for developing relocation legislation. The project has created a dialogue process in Israel that gathers prominent Israelis to discuss the future of the settlements, and convened an academic conference, “The Past, Present, and Future of the Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza: The Internal Israeli Conflict.”

The work involved applied and field research in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The proceedings, hosted at Harvard in October of 2004, were subsequently published in the Negotiation Journal, Conference Report “The Internal Israeli Conflict: The Past, Present, and Future of the Jewish West Bank and Gaza Settlements,” Negotiation Journal, Volume 21, Number 2 (April 2005).

View the proceedings from this conference.

Expanding on their earlier work on the internal conflict among Israeli Jews concerning the settlements project, Professor Mnookin and HNRP Fellow Eihud Eiran together with Research Associate Sreemati Mitter are now exploring the internal conflict among Palestinians concerning the scope and meaning of the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees to what is now Israel in order to claim and reoccupy the land that had been theirs before Israel was established. As part of this work, Mnookin and Eiran visited Israel and the Palestinian territories for 10 days in February, 2006, and conducted interviews with Jewish settlers in the Palestinian territories, and with a number of Palestinian and Israeli leaders.

This research resulted in two major articles: